[Wiki Loves Monuments] About domain names wikilm.*

David Abián davidabian at wikimedia.org.es
Sat Sep 14 20:25:00 UTC 2013

Hello, folks.

I have noticed that all domain names with "wikilm" are available 
(excepting wikilm.ax, wikilm.coop, wikilm.dz, wikilm.es, wikilm.jp, 
wikilm.lu, wikilm.mx, wikilm.my, wikilm.name, wikilm.no, wikilm.nz, 
wikilm.org.es, wikilm.pl and wikilm.uk, some of them used by Wikimedia 

Do you think we should buy, for example, (www.)wikilm.com and 

David Abián,

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