[Wiki Loves Monuments] New CentralNoticeBanners test

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 23:48:57 UTC 2013

On 13/09/13 18:07, shi zhao wrote:
> test link: http://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=main%20page&banner=wlm_2013_test&uselang=en&force=1
> right side images random show, there images from wlm 2012 winners.

Last year there were concerns about license compliance for the banner 
images (that's why the image being currently used is a PD one).

However, I think it could be combined with a text such as "You can also 
take a photo like this<br />Wiki Loves Monumentes 2012 winner [[more 
information]]" with the Ā«more informationĀ» link leading to a page which 
describes the winners and gives appropiate credit.

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