[Wiki Loves Monuments] [Maps-l] Monuments on the map

Bastien bzg at altern.org
Thu Sep 12 10:04:56 UTC 2013

Hi Sylvain,

Sylvain Machefert <smachefert at gmail.com> writes:

> the tool is beautiful but I agree with other comments, "# of
> monuments" isn't clear and it would be interesting to cache the
> groups. 

Yes, I removed the # monuments.

> Other problem I see is that if you zoom on a part of the map,
> it continues to request datas for the whold country and not only for
> the shown part whereas it seems possible to request datas on a map
> only for a section, as seen on http://bit.ly/wlmmaps

The default now is to show all monuments when showing a country/lang
monuments, and to show only the ones on the visible part of the map
when showing "HERE".



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