[Wiki Loves Monuments] drop off in submissions, banner

Richard Nevell richard.nevell at wikimedia.org.uk
Wed Sep 11 19:45:31 UTC 2013

"snap a snap" is a bit repetitive, maybe "take a snap" or "grab a snap"?

On 11/09/2013, Michael Maggs <Michael at maggs.name> wrote:
> Both
> "Snap a snapshot for Wikipedia" and "It's a snap, Wiki Loves Monuments"
> are the best I have heard so far, and they would work in the UK as well as
> the US. Maybe have them both running at 50% ?
> Michael
> On 11 Sep 2013, at 17:41, Peter Ekman wrote:
>> I too have noticed a drop off in photos submitted in the last few days.
>> It's fairly important to determine what caused the drop off if we can.  It
>> might be something totally outside of our control, e.g. the situation in
>> Syria, but might be something like a change in banner display, which we do
>> have some control over. Did the drop happen in most countries? We don't
>> have full control over all Wikimedia banners - we do have to share the
>> space with others, but perhaps they might be willing to delay some of
>> their displays if we ask nicely.
>> I do agree that changing the banner from time-to-time can help. I don't
>> agree that a banner of ""Participate in the world's largest photo-contest
>> and help Wikipedia," would help any.  The imperative verb "Participate" is
>> very weak, and is not natural to American English speakers.  It suggests a
>> high school home economics teacher telling us that we have to bring
>> cookies to the annual bake-off.  Something more active is definitely
>> needed, something along the line (but not exactly) of a high school
>> football coach saying "Go out there and kick some butt!"  That would
>> definitely get some attention as a banner, but not the exact type of
>> attention we want.  A teaser ad might work however, e.g. "About your
>> photos on Wikipedia .... (smaller type) upload them to Wiki Loves
>> Monuments"
>> "Snap" might be a verb we want to use.  It gives an idea of the action
>> that we want people to take (snap a snapshot), unlike "participate."  So
>> perhaps "Snap a historic site, Wiki Loves Monuments" It could wake people
>> up. Or maybe "Snap a snapshot for Wikipedia".  As a noun "It's a snap,
>> Wiki Loves Monuments"
>> I don't think these ideas are good enough yet for an actual banner, but I
>> think that folks should brain-storm this and come up with new ideas.
>> Straight informative banners can sound bureaucratic or just boring.
>> Different languages or dialects should be considered separately, as
>> translations are really tricky, e.g. "It's a snap" might mean something
>> entirely different in British English
>> Pete
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