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On 08/09/13 01:20, Sourendra Das wrote:
> Hi Wikipedia,
> Few Questions that I wanted some information -

Hello Sourendra

(question about Victoria Memorial answered by Pradeep)

> 2. "
> Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 India Upload Wizard.
> Steps and help - *Find the monument ID ! - Other countries
> "
> Is this step compulsory or is it for the Volunteers???
> 3. In Pranav Singh's photo, Tomb of Safdarjung, New Delhi
> Pranav had written "|description={{ASI Monument|4}}" that was corrected
> by a Volunteer to "|description={{ASI Monument|N-DL-50}}"
> So, if someone does not know the ASI Monument Number, it will be
> corrected/included by the Volunteer???

It is your duty as participant to ensure that your image has the right 
monument id and in the right format (in this case, wrapped between 
"{{ASI Monument|" and "}}"). Should you fail to do so, you may be lucky 
and have your description fixed by someone else (and thus the image 
would participate). Or it could be that nobody fixed your image/care to 
look up the id for you (and it wouldn't). And in the worst case, a 
volunteer may see it has a wrong number, think it's not a monument and 
remove it from the list of participants.
As the uploader, you are the best suited one to find the identifier for 
the monument you have photographed.

> 4. If we put multiple images, can it be the same monument in different
> angles???

Yes, of course you can upload as many images of the same monument as you 
wish. Several angles, several sides of the building, include different 
views of the inside in addition of the exterior. A monument is much more 
than a single photo.
(On the other hand, if you have 30 identical shots, you may want to 
choose a single one for upload)

Thanks for participating in Wiki Loves Monuments

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