[Wiki Loves Monuments] Metro "World's largest"

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 16:12:11 UTC 2013

Peter Ekman, 04/09/2013 17:41:
> My first reaction to the Metro contest is that they have an awesome
> "jury tool".  Check it out - maybe we could try for something like this
> for next year.

That's however more like a popularity contest and it works if there are 
many viewers/voters i.e. if the website is a sort of event in itself.

> 2nd - They have a claim to be the "World's largest" however tentative,
> and we have a better claim.  We could ask them to cease and desist
> making the claim, but they would likely just ignore us, and there's
> nothing we could do about it.
> A possibility would be some sort of cooperation for next year with
> Metro, i.e. their very large readership could contribute to WLM.  With
> our limited (but extensive) lists, that would likely be very difficult
> for them, but maybe with a different competition on our part something
> could be done, e.g. "Wiki Loves Your Hometown"

Yes, that would be awesome and it's why I checked their website in the 
first place. They also cover some countries where we have been unable to 
set up a WLM and they obviously have very good outreach capabilities.
It's not entirely clear to me what their purposes are, but they don't 
seem incompatible with ours: their main desire may be to grow/build upon 
the sort of extensive grassroot photojournalism community they seem to 
have in some countries; it doesn't seem to be growing some specific 
photo hosting service (they just use instagram; we, too, have used 
flickr), nor to keep exclusive commercial rights on the contents (the 
photo book they publish looks like a reward/celebration, not a 
commercial initiative).
Finding a common topic may be tough but should not be impossible, 
especially if some countries exhaust "monuments" and switch to something 
else as sometimes mentioned in the past (Wiki Loves rivers/lakes/...).


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