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One of the most important things to do is to create a list of monuments on
your language's Wikipedia. You can copy the Romanians' template and adapt
it for Moldova, for example. After that is done, contact the global
technical contact (last year it was Multichill, not sure about this year
yet) and get them to run the bot to add your list to the global database.

Then you need to set up a dedicated website for your project. This is not a
requirement but most countries did it and it helps a lot and adds
seriousness to your project. It can look something like
wikilovesmonuments.org -- the WordPress theme used there is available for
everyone to use (couldn't find it quickly, but I should be able to send it
to you when you're ready to deploy a site).

You also need to set up your banner on Commons (fairly easy and can be done

There above are the major "virtual" steps that need to be taken. Some of
the real-life steps were outlined above and essentially consist of
partnering with your local heritage authority, gathering volunteers, having
events, promoting your competition, etc.


On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 2:53 PM, Giku Promitt <promitt at yandex.com> wrote:

> Hello.
> Is there any chance I can get advised on this matter? We have to give it a
> start - it's March already.
> Thank you.
> Gheorghe A. Iordachi
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> 22.02.2013, 16:43, "Giku Promitt" <promitt at yandex.com>:
> Hello.
> I am Gheorghe A. Iordachi, active user and administrator on Romanian
> Wikipedia. http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utilizator:Gik%C3%BC /
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Gik%C3%BC
> I'd like to organize Wikipedia Loves Monuments in the Republic of Moldova.
> This is the first time I'm ever doing something for wikipedia outside of
> site itself. Guys from WLM Romania directed me to you, they said I can get
> here first directions.
> Agency for Inspection and Rebuilding of Monuments from Moldova (
> http://airmc.wordpress.com/) is interested in spreading the info in
> Moldova, and are willing to organize the contest themselves.
> So what do I start with? I got the monuments list in a parseable format (
> http://data.gov.md/raw/952) and I have the Romanian wikipedians' word -
> they can help me with sharing their experience.
> Looking forward to a successful collaboration.
> Thank you.
> Gheorghe A. Iordachi
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