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Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Fri Sep 28 15:13:55 UTC 2012

Sounds fair enough. Definitely this is a question for each project to
resolve for themselves. Different sensitivities in different communities...


2012/9/28 Peter Ekman <pdekman at gmail.com>

> There was a question of permanently removing the upload buttons on
> English Wikipedia.  Actually I think it is just a matter for the US
> WP:NRHP, and may not go beyond that.
> I don't think it is impossible to keep the buttons, and I think the
> "placeholder RfC" was quite badly started and really doesn't apply
> well to this question. More somebody blowing off steam than anything
> else. Good editors do that sometime and there may be an underlying
> issue that we didn't have time to deal with properly a week before the
> contest started.
> On the other hand, as a permanent fixture, I don't like the buttons
> where they currently are. For the contest they were fine, but they
> attract too much attention away from the list's actual content.
> Perhaps they might be moved to the description column and made
> smaller.
> In any case, a fairly long discussion will likely be needed at
> WT:NRHP, and removing the buttons, at least temporarily, will be a
> show of good faith.  None of this necessarily applies to non-NRHP
> lists on English Wikipedia.
> Pete
> User:Smallbones
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