[Wiki Loves Monuments] Idea for WLM app's afterlife

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Fri Sep 28 12:34:22 UTC 2012

Hi Philip,

that sounds like a great idea. Although I wouldn't limit it to articles
alone, but 'topics'. We could combine all articles with geo coordinates
(set one) with all monuments we already have in the database. Probably it
would be good to build in a way to exclude some topics from this
functionality (such as articles about huge areas, i.e. 'France').

If that works properly and is maintained well, it would be easy next year
to build another app, because you would just copy the app, give it some
different colors in the skin and just let it work from the monument
database alone, instead of the full geo-tagged set.

I'm not sure what resources it would require and how realistic that is, but
I think it might actually motivate quite some people.

Would it be possible to 'disable' the WLM app and explain people where to
find the new app which is more general in its approach?


2012/9/28 Philip Chang <pchang at wikimedia.org>

> Here is an idea:
> Turn the WLM app into a similar app for uploading photos related to
> Wikipedia articles. This was in fact the original goal of the mobile photo
> upload project.
> One take on this is to use the Nearby search and article search as a way
> to find articles, then the upload will be given a title related to the
> article and some metadata can include the article ID.
> The WLM app will otherwise run the risk of not being functional past
> October, due to backend issues.
> Just a quick thought. Let the mobile team know if you think this is a good
> idea.
> Phil
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