[Wiki Loves Monuments] MIBAC agreement for Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 09:43:59 UTC 2012

Platonides, 14/09/2012 23:42:
> Sadly, no photos of Italian
> monuments could be included, since it's impossible for any of you to
> reach the soprintendenza.

I thought this ending made the whole narration a sarcastic tale? Of 
course you can't reach the soprintendenza, but most importantly the 
soprintendenza can't reach you.

Your example rather proves the value of uploading such images to 
Commons: whatever language the shipwrecked person speaks or downloaded 
Wikipedia in (from kiwix.org in ZIM format I suppose?), the backup will 
easily include all MiBAC-authorised photos because
1) Italians can upload them in the first place without breaking the law,
2) Commons can host them because they're free,
3) all Wikipedias can use them directly rather than hoping for them to 
be somewhere in the web or on it.wiki and uploading them locally.


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