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> Doesn't that make it a non-commercial license, i.e.  CC-BY-SA NC
> Commons doesn't allow images which are only licensed for non-commercial
> use.

yes, it is a non-commercial license (or to say it better, a
not-necessarily-non-commercial license: sopraintendenze may always waive
the fee, what is mandatory at least for Italian people is asking for the

but no, it is not a CC-BY-SA-NC. The whole point of Creative Commons is
that the owner of the work relinquish some (or all) of *his/her* rights;
but the provisions of Codice Urbani are rights *of another entity* (the
Italian government). So there are two different tracks, as legalese in CC
licenses recognises: think at
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:IBM_logo.svg .

ciao, .mau.
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