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In Spain we will award #1 an e-book reader, #2 a 3GB external hard-disk and
#3 a book about Wikipedia. Also t-shirts and other merchandising for all.
And the paper which says "you participated in WLM and won" (not sure which
word is in English).

In the case you can get some ideas from us.

2012/9/13 Karl Gruber <karl at wb-gruber.at>

> Hi Tomasz,
> Also as neighbour from SK I find it good feeling about the help together.
> Prices in cash I would not prefer too.
> Books about various monuments or similar I can imagine, that these are
> adaequat prices.
> It's also dependant if there are a true award ceremony or if the prices
> are sent via poste to the winner. But this should be a decision from SK
> itself
> regards
> Karl
> Am 13.09.2012 11:28, schrieb Tomasz Ganicz:
>  2012/9/13 Platonides <platonides at gmail.com>:
>>> On 12/09/12 23:33, Karl Gruber wrote:
>>>> Hi platonides
>>>> It was an hard work for some people, to get the statusquo and so the put
>>>> so - come next year - is very hard and not motivating for the other user
>>>> around. :-(
>>>> regards
>>>> Karl
>>> I knew it wasn't what you wanted to hear, but I still felt it was the
>>> right answer. I was surprised to learn that you already have the lists
>>> ready. If you are decided, I'd set the dates and go for it. Can
>>> Wikimedia SK pay the awards or you would need financial help from
>>> iternational WLM? It's completely unexpected, but surely there's some
>>> budget that could be assigned to you if needed.
>>> An recruit your jury.
>>>  Well... if there is no other option - we can probably pay for prizes
>> for our neighbours :-) Prizes in cash would be problematic - but we
>> can for example buy books about photography or some cheap photo
>> equipment and then send it to Slovakian winners.
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