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Peter Ekman pdekman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 03:05:15 UTC 2012

Kaldari came up with a tool for WLM-US which works quite well IMHO as
a part of the jury process, but is not the whole answer.
I'm not a coder, so I can't fully explain it or adapt it for your
uses, so technical questions and requests should go to Kaldari.  I'm
also not volunteering him for anything, it's very possible that he may
not have the time, but maybe somebody else could adapt it.

But feel free to try it - in a real working situation - at
http://toolserver.org/~kaldari/reviewer/review.php for US pictures
I'll just say, when in doubt, hit "can't decide".  It also has a quirk
or two - in which case just hit the reload button on your browser or
quit with no harm done.

The logic is that you can include a photo for further consideration by
clicking "Nominate", or you can eliminate it from further
consideration by clicking "Decline for nomination" and when you can't
decide click "can't decide."  It works by manipulating categories on
the photo's file "Category:WLM-US 2012 unreviewed"  to start off, then
"reviewed" and/or "nominated"  We're aiming to eliminate 90% at this
point - keeping up as the photos come in.  But in reality we're
keeping 14%.
I think one of the quirks is when folks manually change categories -
it can just stay in the unreviewed category forever.  The fix here is
just manually changing the categories to the correct state.

It's a tough system (but quick) "one strike and you're out."  But it
is needed if you have several thousand photos to go through and want
to get down to a few hundred in a reasonable time so that you can
properly consider the best ones.

I'd love it if there could be a positive version of this - say click
keep and the bot places the file name in your sandbox - but the
problem there would be you don't eliminate anything and the possible
selection just keeps on growing.

The ultimate answer would be a voting system something like POTY - but
I have my doubts that this can be done with 1,000s of photos coming in
one end and hundreds coming out the other.  The mathematics of proper
discrimination would require at least 5 or so votes (up or down) per
photo so lots of datahandling would be involved.

So, in short, people judging along multiple dimensions at the same
time and taking time with each photo are going to be required at some
point.  The above only helps to winnow in a systematic way, so that
the people can get involved with a reasonable number of photos to deal

I'd love to hear how other folks handle this problem or anybody who
has a better tool.

Pete Ekman

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Correct me if I missed something, but I didn't really saw yet a tool which
the chapters can use for the jury process. I saw a link to WMPT tool on the
last thread that I found, but didn't understand at the end of him, if
he available to uses by others, how hard is to install him and etc...

Is there any new ideas or tools that we may use (the chapters who don't
have technical guys to handle things :))


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