[Wiki Loves Monuments] Slovak WLM

Karl Gruber karl at wb-gruber.at
Wed Sep 12 20:55:26 UTC 2012

A little bit explanation for the statusquo:

All the monuments (appr. 15.000) are listed in the Wiki-sk. Datasource 
is the national monument board.

Each community, where monuments can be found have an own list. 
Corresponding for each slovak list a list is existing in the german 
wikipedia, so the uploadpossibilities are existing from both wikipedias.

The schema of lists is built up corresponding the austrian lists in the 
german wikipedia. Only the monument ID looks like a little bit other but 
is unique. the Statusquo of lists you can fin in 

But we need support to buit up the structures also in the total WLM.
thanks a lot in advance


Karl Gruber
Wikipedia User:Karl Gruber
(Home wiki:de)

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