[Wiki Loves Monuments] How are the adm1 "translated" names obtained?

Arthur Richards arichards at wikimedia.org
Tue Sep 11 07:21:18 UTC 2012

Hi Strainu,

There is some documentation about this here:

Briefly, we've taken a datadump of ISO-3166-2 data from commondatahub.org,
which we use to provide the mapping from ISO-3166-2 region codes to their
English names. We have put together a script that then takes all of those
names and attempts to auto-'translate' them by checking the name against
the interwiki language links API.

We can easily override the automatic 'translations' that we have. If you'd
like to do it yourself, you should fork the repository on github, follow
the instructions in the readme file, and submit a pull request:

Alternatively, you can file a bug in bugzilla with a mapping of ISO-3166-2
region codes to regional names, and we can get the translations added when
we are able.

All of the WMF staff will be busy in our annual all-staff meetings for the
rest of the week, so forgive us if we are unable to respond as quickly as


On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 10:55 PM, Strainu <strainu10 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm asking because inRomania there is a huge mix of English and Romanian
> names with or without "judetul" in front. I would like to put some order
> into all this.
> Strainu
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