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Peter Ekman pdekman at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 21:59:37 UTC 2012

As long as the two processes are running independently (essentially
ignoring each other) per your 2nd paragraph, I don't even see a
potential problem there.
Really just wanting to know what's what.

My real interest is the GLAM category.  In the US we've got a very
interesting Hawaiian ceremonial object snapped by a newbie apparently
unrelated to the museum it's in, no real info on the object.  I even
emailed the museum to make sure it's not copyrighted (no response yet,
but it looks 19th century or older to me)

So should that pic be in the GLAM category?  It's certainly in a known
museum on the NRHP.  Everything else tells me if there are any
restrictions on that category, it shouldn't be in the cat.



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Hi Peter,
incidentally, I have only created three of those four categories
today; they are there to gather--as one might guess by their
names--Featured pictures, Valued images and Quality images as defined
by the Commons community.

The local juries, and even the international one, are not related to
this community process, and the Commons community does not need to
wait for them to start or end their work; the juries also do not need
to take the judgement of the community into consideration at all.

The GLAM category has been created by Maarten, and is intended to
gather images of gallery, library, archives and museum buildings
uploaded as part of WLM; it is my understanding that everyone is
allowed to put his/her images there as long as they represent a GLAM
building (though Maarten might comment on this further).

After the end of the competition, images gathered in that category
will be reviewed by Europeana, and the winner will be awarded a
special prize sponsored by that organisation. More information on this
will be published on the international website on Sunday.

And by the way, if you're interested in all content from Wiki Loves
Monuments that has been highlighted by the Commons community in one
way or another, please have a look at


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