[Wiki Loves Monuments] ErfgoedBot/MultichillBot latest actions

Maarten Dammers maarten at mdammers.nl
Fri Sep 7 21:40:54 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

Op 7-9-2012 17:57, Yaroslav M. Blanter schreef:
> On Fri, 7 Sep 2012 18:43:57 +0300, Strainu wrote:
>> Hi Maarten,
>> Can you please explain the latest actions of your bots? I'm talking
>> about the ones labeled:
>> * "Adding template Monument istorice based on usage in list" - I think
>> I know what this is, but the run seems to be incomplete so I would
>> like a more detailed explanation
>> * "Robot: Automated text replacement (-^(.+)$ +\1\nCategory:Historical
>> monuments in Bucharest)" - that is not at all clear to me;
>> Both seem to be happening to other countries as well.
>> Thanks,
>>   Strainu
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> I think the first one I know. If a photo is used in the list but does 
> not the Monument istorice template, the bot goes to Commons and 
> inserts the template to the file (the template has the number which is 
> used in the list; no other files get the template even if they are 
> identical). It often helps to identify pictures which are used in the 
> lists in one Wikipedia but not in the other. For Romanian lists, if 
> they only exist in Romanian Wikipedia, this is not expected to have an 
> impact (but will help if you ever translate the lists and use them in 
> another project).
> For the second one, I have no idea.
> BTW, Maarten, do you plan to put coordinates? For my pictures of the 
> Netherlands I did not add the coordinates because I knew last year 
> your bot added them. For Belgium, I was not sure and added the 
> coordinates. I am also planning to add pictures of some other 
> countries, so that it would be good to know if the coordinates 
> sometime will be added by bot.

I'm doing some clean up. First I try to add identifier templates to as 
many images as possible because that's the basis of all magic.

Based on that I have been working on improving and expanding the 
automatic categorization. While doing that I ran into a lot of countries 
that needed some extra attention:
* In the US I added over 2000 Commonscat links
contained over 6000 images, I sorted that out. Also someone created a 
template that categorized images. That's frowned upon at Commons so I 
added the images directly to the category and fixed the template.

You can see my progress at 
and you can improve this categorization process by adding {{Commonscat}} 
links at the lists to the corresponding Commons category.

As for the adding of coordinates. That is next on my list after the 


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