[Wiki Loves Monuments] Reuploading

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 20:26:37 UTC 2012

On 03/09/12 16:45, Paul Selitskas wrote:
> One of Belarusian contestants addressed me a mail with a question: may
> they reupload the same photo with a better quality and what
> consequences will it have concerning WLM.
> So, may the participant replace the file uploaded for WLM with the
> same file of better quality? Will the new file be treated the same as
> if it was uploaded at the first place?
> Besides this, I have a question of my own. Let's say, someone
> submitted a photo for the contest. Then a random Wikimedian uses it in
> an article. Then he wants to fix it (colors, perspective, whatever)
> and actually he does it by replacing the original file with a new
> fixed version of it. What next? Should the jury examine the original
> version, or the fixed one? If the photo wins, who takes the prize? And
> so on.

This was also raised last year. It was mentioned that freeing a bigger
version of an existing file should not qualify. Your may decide to do
otherwise, of course, but I think it is bet not to, as it would also
make harder to create the lists of participating monuments if countries
had different rules on what is a new upload.

If the uploader sends a better version of another picture uploaded in
WLM, I consider this a valid submission by the author. Quite likely,
also, consider for instance someone that uploads the image with a
watermark, then he gets notified that there should be no watermarks and
he reuploads the unwatermarked file.

Another sample, Indafotó (used last year for most of WLM-HU) lowscales
the images to 1600 pixels. Samat contacted the users, which sent him the
originals and he reuploaded them. IMHO the submission of the bigger
image is perfectly valid.

When someone else fixes the image, that's a different matter. I wouldn't
plainly disqualify them if someone eg. fixes the watermark from an
image, just like we may add the monument id of some submissions (which
would otherwise be uneligible). However, if such image was in the last
round, I would do note it to the jury, which should probably take it
into account negatively (but even then the photo might still
astounishing and win anyway).


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