[Wiki Loves Monuments] Site offline and redirection WikiLovesMonuments.mx

Tomasz W. Kozłowski odder.wiki at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 19:38:58 UTC 2012

Hi Ivan,
thanks for the message.

I am afraid that your guess is wrong; there is no such feature in the
CentralNotice system to automatically check what HTTP code a website
is responding with. I am also afraid that we have sent a few thousands
unique visitors to a non-working website (I estimate the number at
between 5 and 6k).

In the future, please inform me immediately about any problems you
experience with your websites - via e-mail at odder.wiki at gmail.com or
try to poke me at IRC (odder).

For now, I have turned off the banners in Mexico (because your website
is not working anyway), and the .org has content only in English).
Please inform me ASAP when your website is working again.


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