[Wiki Loves Monuments] Minor API improvement

Holger Motzkau holger.motzkau at wikimedia.se
Mon Sep 3 19:21:42 UTC 2012


since most of our Swedish Monuments don't have a useful name or
address our monument map
http://wikilovesmonuments.se/delta-i-tavlingen/hitta-monument/ only
shows the id and municipality. This information is often not
sufficient enough at all, if you don't know if you are looking for a
house of a stone. As the WLM database contains the registrant_url i
made a quick fix by copying the WLM api into my toolserver directory
and made the ID a link to the registrant_url (see attached patch for
include/FormatKml.diff). Is there any nicer way to get the same
result, or otherwise if we are not the only ones needing it: Can
somebody add the patch to the main API?

Regards, Holger

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