[Wiki Loves Monuments] Acceptable licences (UploadCampaigns options)

Michael Andersen mian at tdcadsl.dk
Sun Sep 2 18:53:47 UTC 2012


The idea was to have a contest where users upload pictures of monuments with
a free license. 

But some free licenses are better than others. What would happen if one of
the winners was a GFDL? Would it not mean that we would have to add the
whole GFDL text to the calendar and wherever we would like to use the

I think that it would be a shame.

And why only September? Why not include August?

Because it is a contest and we have to have some rules. If we allow each
country to do as they like it is hard to run the contest.

So I think we should make as few exceptions as possible. I think licenses
that are more free than Cc-by-sa-3.0 is ok (Cc-Zero and PD-self) but I would
not like GFDL for example.

Michael / MGA73

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Hi Platonides,
thank you for your comment; indeed I haven't been clear enough. Your wording
is much more closer to the spirit that was behind the decision, so I'll
repeat it again:

* We /do/ accept content released under another free licences acceptable on
Commons, and will not be "disqualifing" or in any other way removing from
the contest any pictures that were released under another licence (and
possibly uploaded through another tools), but
* For the sake of simplicity & to make things easier for newcomers, we are
only offering CC-BY-SA as the deafult licence for the UploadCampaigns.

And as for the other CC licences, we (myself and Basvb) have disabled them
when starting the campaigns, but looks like people mistakenly turned them on

Again, Platonides, thanks for the corrections; it's appreciated!


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