[Wiki Loves Monuments] Statistic question

Nuno Tavares nuno.tavares at wikimedia.pt
Sat Sep 1 10:41:31 UTC 2012

Cheers all,

Now the contest is running, I was paying a quick look at the 
statisticsct (contest statistics) to get it fixed for WLM2012. Last year 
I was using "Cultural heritage monuments in XXXX with known IDs" (for a 
reason I can't recall), but this year results will overlap with 2011, it 

Is it safe to use "Images from Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in XXXXX"? 
Could all WLM-template creators ensure that the WLM ID is passed as sort 
key to this category, please?

For those that don't know statisticsct, this is the module that allows 
us to track in near-realtime contest performance, and to build nice 
dynamic graphs like these:


I'll try to merge wlmchart.php on the API tools later - or am I the 
single graph-anatic? :-)

Maybe this year we get this one as a general tool as well:



Em 26-08-2012 09:46, Samat escreveu:
> On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 5:04 PM, Maarten Dammers <maarten at mdammers.nl
> <mailto:maarten at mdammers.nl>> wrote:
>     Op 25-8-2012 13:56, Platonides schreef:
>         On 25/08/12 09:23, Андрій Бондаренко wrote:
>             Just one more question, I'm interested to see what region is
>             the most
>             succesful with geo-coordinates. I suppose Lwów won't be
>             first with this
>             parameter ;)
>         select municipality, count(*) as count from
>         `monuments_ua_(uk)` where
>         lat is not null and lon is not null group by municipality order
>         by count
>         desc;
>     Thanks to Nuno we already have most of these statistics in a nice
>     webinterface, see
>     http://toolserver.org/~__erfgoed/api/api.php?action=__statistics&stcountry=ua&__format=html&limit=0
>     <http://toolserver.org/%7Eerfgoed/api/api.php?action=statistics&stcountry=ua&format=html&limit=0>
>     All the statistics are linked from
>     https://commons.wikimedia.org/__wiki/Commons:Monuments___database/Statistics
>     <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Monuments_database/Statistics>
>     so you can see this for all countries in the database.
>     Maarten
>     Ps. The countries we added to the database yesterday and today will
>     show up tomorrow after the nightly run
> Thank you for the tool, it is great!
> Samat
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