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probably this would be helped if you would introduce an extra parameter,
one which has the title of the article about the monument. Because not in
every case a link will be a link to the monument article. For example, a
description could be: "Holy Spirit Church, known amonst others for being
the parish church of [[Martin Luther King]]"  (just making this one up).
The fact that the link to Martin Luther King is blue doesn't say anything
about the monument of course. You see this especially a lot in for example
countries like India with many mausoleums and mosques/fortresses named
after people and villages.


2012/10/31 Peter Ekman <pdekman at gmail.com>

> I second WSC (below)
> The specific context for WP:NRHP in the US is that we have county
> lists with links (often red links) to an article on each of the sites
> and a photo (sometimes blank) in the next column.
> From the info on the US page linked to --- I can now tell that 50.9%
> of the photo slots in the lists (of about 87,000 sites) now have
> photos, but I can't tell how many have red links.  Anyway somebody
> could do this?
> And if you really want to practice your wizardry, could you tell me
> how many have red links plus a photo (these are especially good
> articles to start).
> Any info appreciated.
> BTW - "Trick or Treat!" and
> Happy Halloween
> Pete Ekman
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> Also is it possible to create lists of wikipedia articles without images
> that are about monuments that now have images on Commons?
> In a few weeks I'm running another workshop for donors who are willing to
> give some time to Wikipedia, and the more straightforward I can make image
> adding the more successful the event will be, I've already got a list of
> articles in the UK that we probably have images for, but a list of
> monuments that we definitely have images for would be better.
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