[Wiki Loves Monuments] Help make contact with user

Cristian Consonni kikkocristian at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 19:02:25 UTC 2012

2012/10/27 Itzik Edri <itzik at infra.co.il>:
> According to the rules, a user without email cannot participate, but before
> we ignore his winning, any idea or help tracking and contact him?

2012/10/27 Platonides <platonides at gmail.com>:
> On 27/10/12 12:47, Roel Balingit wrote:
>> I had finalists who didn't have e-mails. I sent them messages in their
>> talk pages, and posted their photos in our Facebook account only through
>> that he noticed he was a finalist and communicated with us.
>> Roel
> I find that approach poses a problem if they don't appear, since you are
> publishing them as winners, then retreating.
> We had several ineligible pictures preselected, but luckily none of them
> reached the top positions.

Sorry to say that, but if contest's rules say you need to provide an e-mail to
participate, you have to disqualify that user if she did not provide
an e-mail.
I know you may think it is very sad to be disqualified because of an
e-mail address but:
* First, bad consequences are well explained in Platonides'answer.
* Second, rules are rules, and they are all equal. If we make an
exception for this I don't see why we couldn't make an exception for
photos of monuments not in the lists or photos uploaded 1 minute past
the deadline of the contest (or, more realistically, the case where
multiple photos where uploaded and some of them resulted uploaded
after the deadline of the contest).


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