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Hi Kelda,

Last year, in the colofon logos of Wiki Loves Monuments/Wikipedia/Wikimedia
missed. Maybe this year they will appear?

Kind regards,


2012/10/12 Kelda Niemeyer <kelda.niemeyer at wikimedia.de>

> Dear all,
> as the subject of Wiki Loves Monuments calendars has already been brought
> up on this list, I feel it's time to provide you with some general
> information about them, our order process, and shipment information.
> This is going to be quite a long e-mail, so I'll jump straight to the
> topic.
> == Specification ==
> # The calendars are going to consist of 14 pages: the front cover with the
> overall winner; back cover with licencing information and information about
> the contest, etc.; and 12 pages, one for each month of the year, with the
> remaining top-13 pictures.
> # They are going to be A4 in size, and will be printed on a high quality
> paper in a environment-efficient way, thanks to the involvement of die
> Umweltdruckerei.
> # The weight is not yet known (definitely < 400 g per item), but we'll try
> to make them as lightweight as possible, as this will have a huge impact on
> the shipping costs.
>  == Ordering and shipment ==
> # Thanks to die Umweltdruckerei, every country will receive 15 calendars
> for free. The shipment of those 15 copies will be covered from the
> international budget, so you won't need to pay anything at all if you order
> just this number.
> # If you'll need more than those 15 copies, you'll be able to order more,
> but you'll need to cover the costs of the additional copies yourselves, and
> also cover the additional costs of shipment.
> # The cost of one copy is €3.51 (that's €2.95 + 19% of valued added tax in
> Germany).
> # Shipping costs for additional copies will vary depending on the
> distance. You will receive the estimated shipping costs as soon as
> possible.
> # It is currently not possible for individuals to purchase the calendars;
> it will only be possible if the Wikimedia Foundation or a chapter decides
> to order a bigger quantity and include them in their own shops or produce
> the calendars by themselves using our design.
> # The design file will be released under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 licence, and
> will be uploaded to  Wikimedia Commons as soon as it's ready, so you'll be
> able to use it for your own purposes, including selling the calendars in a
> shop as mentioned above.
> == Timeline ==
> # All nominations for the international level (ie. results from the
> national competitions) will /have/ to be in by *October 30*. That's a
> hard deadline, so please, please make sure not to miss it.
> # The results of the international finale of the competition will be
> known by November 18; around that time, we will be starting the
> production of the calendars.
> # We are going to ship the calendars to the addresses that were provided
> to us for the shipment of the paper notebooks sponsored by Lettera27. If
> you'd like us to ship the calendars to a different address, /make sure/ to
> let us know before *November 18** (deadline)*; a simple e-mail to <
> info at wikilovesmonuments.org> will do the trick.
> # Also let us know before November 18 how many calendars you want to order to
> give us an indication how many you want. Final orders will be done with Die
> Umweltdruckerei directly. If you don't let us know anything before that
> time, we will assume you want 15.
> # The calendars should be ready by December 8, and they will be sent out
> to you without any further delays, directly by the printing company. For
> the European countries, the shipment usually takes a number of working
> days; for the rest of world, the shipment can take a bit longer depending
> on the distance from Germany and from the nearest courier service hub,
> usually below 10 days. Please note that we can't make guarantuees on the
> time the calendars get delivered to you.
> Best
> Kelda Niemeyer
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