[Wiki Loves Monuments] Who is willing to write an article about WLM?

Romaine Wiki romaine_wiki at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 14:22:09 UTC 2012

Hello all

Who is willing to write an article about Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 for the newsletter 'This Month in GLAM'?

For the next edition of this newsletter several people in several countries write about what is going on with GLAM the past month, and that includes WLM. This would be nice to have for each participating country (at least a short summary with the results, but can be longer) and in an overview article. 

A first start with the contents can be found on the page linked below. Here you can add also countries which aren't listed yet.

Earlier articles in the newsletter 'This Month in GLAM' were:

The main page of the newsletter is at:

If there are any questions: feel free to ask! 


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