[Wiki Loves Monuments] WWW123POICOM

elya ew_wp at web.de
Tue Oct 2 17:00:25 UTC 2012

Sorry for the late response, I did not see this thread.

Am 02.10.12 16:29, schrieb charles andrès:
> I guess the pictures have been resized by the app, I check around 15
> files and they are all exactly 1 024 × 765 pixels size, it's unlikely
> that all the mobile phone used have all the same resolution camera .

This is a bit weird indeed and we did not realize that before. In terms
of *image quality* however, which is not measured in pixels, I'm
positively surprized by a lot of the images.

The contact issue is solved as mentioned: if needed, we can contact the
winners via our partner.

We will have a post mortem meeting with this partner in some weeks and I
will present the different concerns raised in the last weeks. Before
that I will check what's going on with this downsizing thing and if it
can be "healed" by re-uploading (which would rise the question if this
would be a contest version however... ;-))


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