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Peter Ekman pdekman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 17:05:27 UTC 2012

I've finished putting in everything I want to say about an adjustment
to our long-term goals and direction at
and will just note that this isn't a major proposed change, just a
suggestion of how we can look to the future and start making some
fairly small (but long-lasting) changes now.

Roel Balingit's note from WLMPH (below) leads me to one example of how
the proposed changes might work.  They got an expression of interest
from Natural Wonders Foundation (Philippines) to start a project
similar to WLM.

If we had a more permanent, more flexible organization, they could be
referred to a (new) page on what is required to start such a project.
It would likely include things like a
*list of sites
*connection with a Wikiproject or chapter
*jury process recommendations
*recommendations for prizes

and they'd see what would likely be needed for the WLM-type project.
They might come back with "here's our list, with coordinates.
Wikiproject Philippines could likely coordinate.  We're willing to
provide jurors and $xxx in prizes."  At that point the Philippines
folks, would be in a much better position to decide whether they
wanted to go forward, and know the things that they would have to do
and whether they have the resources, especially manpower, to do it.
For example they might go back  to the Natural Wonders people and say
"we wouldn't be able to do it for the whole country, but we could for
xxx region, and then maybe next year ...."

All the best,
Pete Ekman
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If I may just provide input, at the height of Wiki Loves Monuments
Philippines, we received a phone call from Natural Wonders Foundation
(Philippines) about a proposal that they would like to launch a similar
project like Wiki Loves Monuments, in this case featuring the natural
beauty of the country. I informed them that we are very interested about
it, we may just need to discuss it after WLM international has completely
wrapped-up, by then we would have finished our documentation. Though in the
hindsight we are looking at Cultural mapping activities, because unlike
most countries, heritage is often neglected in our country, so we better
start going around photographing and documenting it.


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