[Wiki Loves Monuments] Winners and finalists in Spain

Santiago Navarro Sanz wikimillars at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 1 21:10:23 UTC 2012

I'm very glad to announce the winnes and finalists from Spain. Despite of Lodewijk already knew this results since some days ago, the public annnounce has been done today.

The jury, with 5 members, worked very well and chose that 10 pictures.

We received more than 39.000 imagen from all Spain, and from 7371 different monuments. We had 755 participants.

Some curiosities:
*two participants had three pictures among the finalists.
*One picture shows the Bridge of Besalú, and there was an image with same monument among the finalists of 2011.
*Toledo is represented with three pictures, and Ávila with two.

We hope you like these images. We plan to publish the top-100 in one or two days.

You can find the selection in:


Santi (Millars)
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