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I think thats what all the tools at  missed opportunities show. There where a lot of different tools, some doing the same thing, some just being unknown by others. And some different because people always will have different opinions about what works. So indeed putting this tools together and linking users to all the ones relevant for them could maybe do a lot. And if the missing tools (commonist modification) are filled in maybe this can help out a lot next year. Indeed something to talk about Andre

> Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 23:38:32 +0100
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> Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] tools, the next version
> Hi,
> Reading Odder's etherpad reminded me I still wanted to send this mail.
> Before and during WLM a lot of tools has been written again, the api
> was well written and there are some other things.
> However, there is still a big part missing, and that is a proper user
> interface (UI).  You have all kind of search options, but the average
> user doesn't want to change urls to do that. So I think one of the things
> we should aim for next year is to get a proper UI implemented.
> Something to put on the agenda for coming thursday?
> Regards,
> Andre
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