[Wiki Loves Monuments] Europeana and statistics

Maarten Dammers maarten at mdammers.nl
Tue May 17 21:49:02 UTC 2011

Hi Andrea,

I put Erik on the cc.

Op 17-5-2011 23:25, Andrea Zanni schreef:
> Hi all.
> Has been a pleasure to meet you all in Berlin.
> I wanted to share this link:
> http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2011/05/17/dpla-europeana
> about Europeana and the meeting they're having in The Haag.
Who are in this meeting exactly?
> Moreover, today I added "Statistics" as an Open Issue in our results:
Could you elaborate a bit more on what kind of statistics you would 
like? We can do a lot already, but the most important one is not 
possible directly: Number of image views, we have to fall back to the 
number of views of the articles the images are in. This is a major point 
for GLAM statistics.

> I was wondering if we could ask to the Foundation, instead of a grant,
> some work-time of Erik Zachte to set up a central/federal tool for
> statistics in Commons.
> He is probably the best person for that, and a tool ad hoc could serve
> many participant countries.
Of course Erik is the best person, but Erik is being flooded with all 
kind of requests so he barely has the time to do his actual work :-(
I see only one solution: We need to clone Erik.

> (Actually, i'm thinking that asking work-time of an employee instead
> of "mere" money
> could be an efficient idea to get things done: we could talk about
> this to Sj, and then the Board of Trustees could discuss about it.)
While we work on cloning Erik, maybe some of the other WMF stats guys 
has time to help out? We do need clear specifications on what kind of 
statistics we want.

> Still hoping to participate,
> cheers,
> Aubrey
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