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Strainu strainu10 at gmail.com
Fri May 13 09:20:08 UTC 2011

Hi guys,

I'm happy to announce you that we decided to enter our contest in WLM.
We obtained the support of Prolinux [1], an NGO which started as a
LUG[2], but was since then involved in many different actions designed
to promote open software and open content.

I would also like to introduce Nicu Buculei [3] (CC'd), my partner for
this contest. He is a photographer and a Fedora contributor and has
made several valuable image contributions to commons, as well as
ro.wp, in the past.

During the weekend I will update the wiki pages with the relevant
information and we'll make out a catch-up plan to see how soon we can
fit in the European schedule. I will also start promoting the contest
on ro.wp, to see if we can recrute more people for the job at hand.

However, I still have some outstanding issues:
- Romania does not have a freedom of panorama law, which means that
some monuments will not be eligible for ditribution under a free
license. How did other countries in the same situation handled this?
- Lodewijk, you said that we'll probably need to use the WMF
trademarks. Could you be more precise on what part of the contest are
you referring to? Also, if you could put us in contact with the WMF,
we would be most grateful.
- regarding the Cultural Heritage Organization in Romania, I know
about CIMEC [4], and I also found a contact person on the European
Heritage Days page [5]. Again, any help on this side would be much


[1] http://www.prolinux.ro
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_User_Group
[3] http://www.nicubunu.ro , User:Nicubunu
[4] http://www.cimec.ro
[5] http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/cultureheritage/heritage/ehd/partners_en.asp#RO

2011/5/9 Lodewijk <lodewijk at effeietsanders.org>:
> Hi Strainu,
> thanks for your email! It sounds great, and it would definitely be possible.
> It would be helpful to read some more background probably what Wiki Loves
> Monuments is all about if you didn't do that yet
>http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2011/Concept )
> . Please realize that by far the most work is in the providing of good lists
> of objects (this goes for any topic you choose for the contest).
> In many other countries, we cooperate as well with cultural heritage
> organizations - who can possibly help you with some raw data for these lists
> and some announcements. If you want, we can try to put you in touch with a
> relevant organization through our European partners - no guarantees on this
> short notice, but we can try. Cooperating with a FLOSS NGO sounds like a
> good way to get stuff started, just make sure it is also supported by
> several volunteerd from the region. If you need to use Wikimedia/Wikipedia
> trademarks (you probably will need to) we will help you get in touch with
> the right people at the Wikimedia Foundation and help smoothen the process
> to see if they would have any objection. Again no guarantees, but I have
> good faith in that - the WMF is always supportive of this kind of
> initiatives.
> Please keep us updated, I'm very interested to hear more!
> Best,
> Lodewijk
> 2011/5/9 Strainu <strainu10 at gmail.com>
>> 2011/5/9 Maarten Dammers <maarten at mdammers.nl>:
>> > Hi Strainu,
>> Hi Maarten,
>> >
>> > Op 9 mei 2011 om 17:55 heeft Strainu <strainu10 at gmail.com> het
>> > volgende geschreven:\
>> >
>> >> Hi guys,
>> >>
>> >> I have two questions regarding this contest:
>> >>
>> >> 1. Is a local chapter needed for organizing such a contest locally or
>> >> could it be done otherwise?
>> >
>> > A group of active people is needed. These are often part of a chapter,
>> > but a chapter is not an absolute requirement.
>> As it happens, I found out about Wiki Loves Monuments while looking
>> for subjects for a free image competition I recently imagined to
>> provide more free images from Romania. Since an European competition
>> would be (I hope) an additional selling point, I thought we might
>> become part of it. The "organizing comitee" for this contest exists,
>> however, since we don't a have a chapter, we are partnering with
>> another NGO which advocates the use of FLOSS to attract sponsors and
>> partners (that is, we were thinking of positioning the contest as a
>> "free image competition", not a "wiki image competition").
>> Before I go any further, I just wanna make sure that neither me nor
>> the NGO will get in any trademark-related issues with the WMF. As far
>> as I could see, the Wiki(m|p)edia trademarks are not used, so we
>> should be safe, but I wanted a confirmation on that.
>> >
>> >
>> >> 2. Is it still possible for a new country to register?
>> >
>> > Sure, you just have to work a bit faster to be ready in September ;-)
>> > What country are you thinking about?
>> I'm thinking about organizing the contest in Romania. The period we
>> had initially planned was august-september, so it roughly matches your
>> timeline.
>> I'll talk with the rest of the people involved and we'll decide by the
>> end of the week if we can match your timeline :)
>> Thanks for your response,
>>  Strainu
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