[Wiki Loves Monuments] Agreement between Wikimedia Polska and National Heritage Board of Poland + update

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Fri Jun 24 12:25:03 UTC 2011

Hi Tomasz,

this sounds great! I am so glad things are going well!

I have been thinking in this light, maybe we should also set up a wlm-eu
blog and put announcements like this on there? (fairly open blog) That could
give this kind of partnerships a bit of extra international exposure.



2011/6/24 Tomasz Kozłowski <odder.wiki at gmail.com>

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> Dear All,
> I am delighted to announce on behalf of the Wikimedia Polska Association
> that this week we have finally signed an official agreement on
> partnership and cooperation with the National Heritage Board of Poland
> (NHB), which is the main state institution dealing with protection of
> cultural heritage monuments in the country. Wiki Loves Monuments is now
> under an Honorary Patronage of the Board (yay!).
> Both parties to the agreement have obliged themselves, for instance, to
> inform about each other's projects; thanks to that obligation, news on
> Wiki Loves Monuments will be published on the NHB's homepage
> (<http://www.nid.pl>) and information about the project will be printed
> on all advertisement materials (posters, leaflets, invitations etc.)
> produced for the European Heritage Days.
> Moreover, in accordance with the agreement, we have received the full
> registry of monuments in Poland which will uploaded on Wikipedia in
> (most probably) a few days' time. I believe this to be an amazing
> milestone for our Wikiproject.
> The Wikiproject itself has significantly developed since our meeting in
> Berlin and now we have 40 *active* and enthusiastic members who are
> working on our lists of monuments, adding coordinates and pictures --
> this makes us the most active Wikiproject of the Polish Wikipedia.
> Furthermore, we have prepared a yet-unfinished category tree on
> Wikimedia Commons
> <
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Cultural_heritage_monuments_in_Poland
> >
> as well as a categorisation template with a full English translation
> <http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Zabytek>.
> We are also in the process of securing a media patronage and,
> hopefully!, an Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Culture and
> National Heritage, for which an answer we should receive in the next few
> days.
> That would be it, if anyone has any questions, I am more than happy to
> answer them.
> Regards,
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