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Update from Spain:
* We have about 60% of the monuments lists, some in spanish, others in
catalan (from Viquipedia) and others in galician (from Galipedia), but now
we have an automatic tool that generates a good schema to create the final
lists (http://www.wikilm.es/generar_wikitexto.php). We hope to finish this
work in a few weeks.
* We have a simple web site with the basics of the contest, in spanish and
galician, and we are working in catalan version. See wikilm.es.
* We have started to contact with some sponsors, but we don't have results
in this area
* We don't have jury nor awards, and we have to work in local rules


2011/6/20 Benoît Evellin <benoit.evellin at wikimedia.fr>

> Hi all !
> 2011/6/20 Lodewijk <lodewijk at effeietsanders.org>:
> > France:
> > Working on getting the lists on the wiki, data is available in European
> > database. Further status currently unknown. Update very welcome!
> My apologies about the lack of updates.
> We are still working in order to complete the lists of monuments.
> Every département (see [[Departments of France]] on English Wikipedia)
> will have his full list. In order to have lighter lists, we are making
> lists by cities, when they have 20 monuments or more. The hardest is
> the geolocalization.
> Wikimédia France has hired new employees, and our program manager is
> going to contact the French Ministry of Culture, in order to make of
> the WLM operation more official in France.
> Our website is now operating (with some updates to make, welcome
> Russia). Currently, it have only one page, but we have started to talk
> about it.
> I'm going to mobilize our communication group, in order to launch the
> press release, the posters and the documentation. For the financial
> part, we have to justify all our outcomes. The participation of
> Wikimédia France to WLM may be a material support ; printings for
> example.
> --
> Benoît Evellin
> Wikimédia France
> www.wikimedia.fr
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