[Wiki Loves Monuments] update per country

Nuno Tavares nuno.tavares at wikimedia.pt
Sun Jun 19 23:25:22 UTC 2011

I think I just finished the "reconstruction" part (to rebuild the
wikipedia lists from it):


But you'll have to wait someone copies everything to the lists. Like I
said to Maarten in Berlin, it's easier if we provide you our database
(which has some issues fixed). BTW, we have already all regions:


(Azores is still missing a lot of coordinates, we can't find anyone to

I'll have to do some cleaning on the addresses if you find them
necessary. I'd say we have nearly 70% of them, but they are mostly
pointless, in my opinion.

We also have stats available already:

I would say website is finished, we are focusing right now in spreading
out the word.

Maybe Beria can update the Progress page on Commons?

Nuno Tavares
Wikimedia Portugal

Imagine um mundo onde é dada a qualquer pessoa a possibilidade de ter
livre acesso ao somatório de todo o conhecimento humano. É isso o que
estamos a fazer.

Participe também: http://www.wikimedia.pt

Em 19-06-2011 23:55, Lodewijk escreveu:
> *Portugal*:
> Lists complete (only continental?), also in database; addresses still
> missing. Partners and sponsors going well. Seems everything on schedule? 

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