[Wiki Loves Monuments] First press release for the Swiss contest

Ziko van Dijk zvandijk at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 4 15:19:52 UTC 2011

Dear friends in Switzerland,

I now had a look on your website for the WLM competition, and I must
say that I am very impressed! Especially that map with the cantons
looks great, and will contribute a lot to the fun.

About the unification of WLM Europe, I basically agree with the
arguments brought up by Maarten. On the other hand I understand the
problems with taking photographs in a mountain country in September
(something the Dutch may not be aware of :-)). Indeed, it might be
difficult to explain to people that they are called to take
photographs in July-September but can only participate the competition
when they are uploaded in September. It is ideal, btw, to upload them
immediately after the photographing, because then you still now well
where you took which photograph (which building).

Below a list with some ideas about your website and the text in
German; some items are possibly interesting also for other countries.

Kind regards, and Hop Schwiz!

- On the map, Luzern is Loucerne?
- try to stick with the expressions we already use at Commons and
elsewhere: it is called on the homepage "Sammlung von... Medien", or
Mediensammlung, not Mediathek.
- on the wikimedia wikis we say "Benutzerkonto" and not "Account",
that's Wikipedian's jargon :-)
- Btw, I find it very very good to tell the people from the beginng
that they should register
and turn in an e-mail address. We miss a lot of opportunities for
communication otherwise.
- "Auf diese Mediathek können sich alle Wikis der ganzen Erde
beziehen" - well, really all wikis? :-) They can, but I woudn't put it
this way.
- Ordinary people (90% of the population) won't go to IRC, forget it
- when people have questions about the contest, you really want them
to ask the Federal Office of the environment? In any case, you must
definitely provide an e-mail address (not only the webmaster's under
- I found the description of the uploading process complicated, but it
will certainly be changed
- "Anmelden/Registrieren": stick with it, not "Login"
- I found sometimes "Wiki Commons", this is confusing to newbies. Use
always and everywhere "Wikimedia Commons", also not "Commons" (there
is also a Creative Commons, you know). I would try anyway to describe
things without the term "wiki"; while I am already nagging, I never
found "Wiki loves monuments" a good title :-)
- I am very happy that you don't have moving elements on your website,
please keep it that way!

2011/6/4 Ilario Valdelli <valdelli at gmail.com>:
> On 04.06.2011 14:57, Maarten Dammers wrote:
> And it ended up on the list of things to discus in Berlin. The reason to
> focus on one month and not three months is that we have to keep attention on
> it. For a month that's already a bit of a challenge, for  three months it's
> impossible. We're all slowly building up attention for the project and this
> should peak in September 2011.
> Is this something you guys can work with?
> Maarten
> Ok, I don't see any big problem to coordinate what we are doing now with the
> event scheduled for September in all countries.
> Ilario
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Ziko van Dijk
The Netherlands

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