[Wiki Loves Monuments] First press release for the Swiss contest

Ilario Valdelli valdelli at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 12:40:59 UTC 2011

On 04.06.2011 11:59, Maarten Dammers wrote:
> Hi Nico,
> Some remarks:
> * The press release states that the competition runs from Juli to 
> September. The decision in Berlin was pretty clear: The competition 
> runs in September. Why are you doing this differently?
> * You're talking about a national competition, but Wiki Loves 
> Monuments is an international competition all throughout Europe.
> * Why do people need to register at 
> http://www.wikilovesmonuments.ch/login.php ? That's one of the things 
> we decided (at the Berlin meeting) *not* to do.
> Maarten

Dear Maarten,
I will give to Nico the possibility to reply to other points. I have 
only one concern.

If the event is limited only to the month of September, this would be 
not helpful for Switzerland because the weather is not good to take some 
external pictures, most of all for mountains or valleys.

In addition we are moving earlier to find collaborations and media coverage.

In my opinion there should be no problem to give more freedom to all 
countries in order to study the better solution for their own environment.

To limit the event to the month of September will reduce a lot our 
participation as the persons will be concentrated in other thinks.

In my opinion the months of July and August are the best for Switzerland.

We may found a solution that can match all requirements? For example 
that the photos can be taken from July to September but charged in 
Commons only in September?

It seems to me a good solution, because the persons can spent all time 
to take photos during the Summer and after to be concentrated in all 
other work during September (selection of photos, upload, and so on).


P.S. If I remember well Nico has already sent a request some weeks ago, 
before the meeting in Berlin, asking to give to the Switzerland the 
possibility to move earlier in this event, and I have seen no opposition

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