[Wiki Loves Monuments] Wiki Loves Monuments was crap, it's high time to admit it!

Yaroslav M. Blanter putevod at mccme.ru
Mon Dec 12 20:08:09 UTC 2011

> What I do note as something that could easily be avoided is having
> "ten more crappy images of the Eiffel Tower" in order to get some more
> obscure monuments on-wiki. I strongly suggest that in countries that
> participate in WLM2011 we limit the eligible monuments to those
> without an image.
> In order to do this, we need better tools. I'm currently working on a
> robot that can fill the lists automatically based on the articles that
> contain a specific monument-id, and also searches for mistakes in the
> lists. I certaily hope I'll be able to make it work for other
> countries and I also hope that Nuno, Maarten, Platonides and the rest
> of the folks that gave us those great reporting tools will also find
> the time to develop tools for improving the usage of the newly
> uploaded pictures.
> Strainu

I think this is a good direction, but I can not support the proposal in
this form. What if we have just one crappy image? What if we have the image
of the exterior, would we need the image of the interior? What if we have
several monuments under one code?


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