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Maarten Dammers maarten at mdammers.nl
Sat Apr 16 09:41:46 UTC 2011

Hi Teele,

Good news! As for the list templates. If you need a hand getting it 
started, be sure to drop by in #wikilovesmonuments at Freenode. You can 
find the other list templates at 
. Do you have a link to your template?


Op 16-4-2011 11:24, Lodewijk schreef:
> Hi Teele,
> great to hear! Could you please share the designed materials? Maybe 
> other countries can use it, or even give suggestions :) A good way of 
> sharing it, is uploading it on Wikimedia Commons, and putting it in a 
> subcategory of [[category:Wiki Loves Monuments]].
> Update sounds great! Rock on!
> Lodewijk
> 2011/4/16 Teele Vaalma <teele.vaalma at gmail.com 
> <mailto:teele.vaalma at gmail.com>>
>     Hi!
>     I'd like to say some things about the progress in Estonia :).
>         * We have 8 volunteers by now working with the project.
>         * We have talked with National Heritage Board and the
>           metropolitan of Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church about
>           cooperation on this contest. Also we have contacted some
>           sponsors to provide awards.
>         * Hand-out materials are designed and will be printed by May.
>         * On 5-6 May we will take part of the European Year of
>           Volunteering Tour in Tallinn and promote the contest.
>         * "Teeme ära"[0] (Let's do it) will be on 7th May. Our team
>           members will take part of several events on that day in
>           different locations.
>         * We have got all monument data (unique ID-s, names,
>           addresses, coordinates), but not yet lists on wiki. List
>           templates are being tested.
>         * Domain wikilovesmonuments.ee <http://wikilovesmonuments.ee>
>           is being registered.
>         * Many thanks to Polish chapter, who makes it possible for
>           Raul and Robert to attend WLM meeting in Berlin.
>     [0] http://www.teemeara.ee/

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