[Wiki Loves Monuments] Support for meet in Berlin

M kewlshrink at yahoo.es
Fri Apr 15 12:49:50 UTC 2011

Hi all,

As some here may already know, we will be celebrating WLM in Spain this year. Big challenge, but we hope to make a decent effort. :)

We are aware there is going to be a meet pretty soon in Berlin to discuss WLM in Europe. We would love to send a Wikimedia España/Spain member, Platonides (platonides at gmail.com), to learn and discuss and comment all organizational aspects and bring back relevant insights, but we would need financial support to do it. We were wondering if maybe WMDE (or any chapter, really) might be willing to pay the flight ticket and hotel? 

We would be immensely grateful for your support. Please let me know who to contact to make this happen.



Wikimedia España 

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