[Wiki-offline-reader-l] [Spcommittee-l] Wiki-offline-reader-l and Emmanuel

Emmanuel Engelhart emmanuel at engelhart.org
Sat Jul 22 16:24:45 UTC 2006


> Emmanuel :
> A simple offline reader ready in time for wikimania would be
> excellent.  What language are you working in?  Is there a public code
> repository?

I work on it. I guess a simple viewer with a good looking french dump
of Wikipedia will be done. There is currently no public code

Unfortunatly, I invested the most of my time to get a good static HTML
dump the last 2 months. But now this problem is more or less solved
for me and I will have more time to focuse me on the soft.

The technologies are :
* Mozilla framework : xulrunner (portable, skinable, easy to modify,
extensible, plugins)
* Xapian search engine
* HTML dump

The soft is currently, not more than a simple HTMLviewer window.
I work to integrate an existing search engine XAPIAN, that's mean
making an XPCOM to embeded the library.

> Some people at One Laptop per Child are working on an offline
> reader/writer for mediawiki style dumps in python; this will be used
> to read ebooks, other texts, and wiki dumps... perhaps some coding
> collaboration is possible, where the specific specs of different
> projects overlap.

Yes, could be interesting. I wrote a complete requirement document,
but that's in french.

I proposed that we meet us, all people involved in HTML dumping and
HTML based offline-reader development.

Such a meeting would be very interesting to:
- know more exactly what is needed for such third use of Wikipedia content.
- speak about how to achieve that
- speak about the offline-reader soft... although the dedicated ml is
very quite.... :(


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