[Translators-l] Help with contacting WikiVoyage communities about breaking change to map template

Jon Harald Søby jhsoby at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 11:01:55 UTC 2016

Hi Sylvain, the tile service is as you inferred a map service on Wikimedia
Labs. Since this is just an internal Wikimedia communication I don't
imagine it's super important that the translation is 100% faithful, so if
you just use something like "map service" or "map tool" I think that should
be sufficient.

28. sep. 2016 20:02 skrev "Sylvain Chiron" <chironsylvain at orange.fr>:

> Le 28/09/2016 à 18:27, Chris Koerner a écrit :
> > Thanks Sylvain for the fixes. I'm embarrassed that I missed the spelling
> > mistakes! :)
> >
> > Whatamidoing/Sherry has it right. Let me know if you have more
> > questions. Again, I appreciate the help.
> Then I removed ‘in’ and put the commas: ‘a month from now, on Monday,
> October 24th’.
> I also changed ‘Labs’ to have a capital letter each time. I’m a student
> in computing but I don’t know the French for a computer lab, thus I’m
> keeping the name.
> I’d especially need info about translation for ‘tile service’/‘tile
> server’. I used the same translation as for tiling in the Inkscape
> program: the action of putting tiles (big squares in the case of a map),
> but this looks a bit weird. Maybe I should use ‘Tile’ as an official noun?
> I found what I needed for the Discovery department:
> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Discovery/FAQ
> Regards,
> --
> Sylvain
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