[Translators-l] Help with contacting WikiVoyage communities about breaking change to map template

Sylvain Chiron chironsylvain at orange.fr
Tue Sep 27 22:40:42 UTC 2016

Le 27/09/2016 à 23:10, Chris Koerner a écrit :
> Hello,
> The Maps team is asking the contributors of a small number of WikiVoyage
> projects to change a map template to use the new WMF tile service. Help
> in translating this message will give us all plenty of time to work
> together without interruption. If you have a moment, please help
> translate this page into the following languages. Español, Français,
> ‎Italiano, Nederlands, and ‎Tiếng Việt
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:CKoerner_(WMF)/Slippymap_sunset


I’ve brought some fixes to the original text; please check.

I’m a bit confused with: ‘With your help we will stop using the labs
tile service a month from now on Monday October 24th.’
I added ‘in’ before ‘a month’ (actually I’d understand better with a
comma before ‘on’). Maybe I’m missing something?

Also, where can we find ‘official’ (or common/usual) translations for:
* tile service;
* Wikimedia labs;
* the Discovery department?
Should we keep the original name? (I’m currently using a customized

Sylvain Chiron @ Frigory

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