[Translators-l] Ready for early translation: Tech News #46 (2016)

Sylvain Chiron chironsylvain at orange.fr
Fri Nov 11 17:24:57 UTC 2016

Le 11/11/2016 à 18:19, Manuel Tassi a écrit :
> I don't know if I understand this correctly: from the next MediaWiki
> distribution you can create a reference in visual editor using the
> "Windows key": do you mean the key that has the Windows symbol on it? I
> think this is wrong, maybe it would be the Ctrl or the Alt key.
>> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tech/News/2016/46

I agree, it’s quite weird to use the OS key in a non-system interface,
especially a web one (I thought it was actually impossible). Usually
Apple’s cmd is used as an equivalent of Ctrl under standard PCs. ‘Meta’
is a generic name, the right name for the OS key should be ‘Super’.

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