[Translators-l] Request for translation about new wikitext editing tool

Whatamidoing (WMF)/Sherry Snyder ssnyder at wikimedia.org
Mon Dec 12 20:27:08 UTC 2016

Please translate
This is a planned announcement about testing the new wikitext mode in
Extension:VisualEditor.  This tool will let you use the visual editor's
toolbar and features (including the automatic citoid service!) while
editing raw wikitext.

*If you have very little time*, then please consider translating the
two-sentence summary, which says:

*Summary*: There's a new opt-in Beta Feature of a wikitext mode for the
visual editor <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/2017_wikitext_editor>. Please go
try it out

I would very much like to have those two sentences translated in as many
languages as possible.  Thank you for your help.

Sherry Snyder (WhatamIdoing)
Community Liaison, Wikimedia Foundation
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