[Translators-l] Translations requested: "showing results from"

Deborah Tankersley dtankersley at wikimedia.org
Mon Aug 22 20:57:29 UTC 2016

Hi Stryn,

We really only need these languages to be translated for:

Portuguese: PT, EN, RU, HE, AR, ZH, KO, EL
Japanese: JA, EN, RU, KO, AR, HE

As those are the only languages that we're looking for on the PT and JA
wiki sites in order to determine if the user typed in one of those
languages. We didn't enable the feature for ALL languages.

Hope that helps!



Deb Tankersley
Product Manager, Discovery
IRC: debt
Wikimedia Foundation

On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 8:23 AM, Stryn <strynwiki at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hmm, there is really no easier way to translate those?
> Showing results from [[:als:Main_Page|Alemannic Wikipedia]].
> Showing results from [[:cbk-zam:Main_Page|Chavacano Wikipedia]]
> There are many languages where I don't know the Finnish translation, so I
> would need to Google them first.
> Do we have system messages for language names? Like "Chavacano"?
> Then if do, would only need to translate the "showing results from" part
> and the rest could come from the system message? Or is it too complex?
> ... Ok I just found it, we have messages "MediaWiki:Project-localized-
> name-akwiki/fi", can't we merge in some way those messages?
> Now we have messages for "Wikimedia Project Names" and "Wikimedia
> Interwiki Search Results". I mean it just makes so much work for
> translators to translate those both.
> We can't use directly the messages from the "Wikimedia Project Names"
> groups for interwiki search texts because of conjugates, but something
> like "Showing results from: {{MediaWiki:Project-localized-name-akwiki/fi}}"
> would be nice.
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> 2016-08-18 22:45 GMT+03:00 Deborah Tankersley <dtankersley at wikimedia.org>:
>> The Discovery team has been making good progress in enabling cross
>> language search results on several wiki's and now we need help in
>> translating a phrase: "*showing results from"*.
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