[Translators-l] Blog post Translation - Share a Fact

Purodha Blissenbach purodha at blissenbach.org
Wed Apr 8 07:02:17 UTC 2015

The page is not marked for translation.

On 08.04.2015 01:30, Andrew Sherman wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> We have a blog post that needs to be translated.
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Blog/Drafts/Share_a_Fact 
> [1]
> I have marked up sections to be translated within the meta draft, but
> to reiterate we would like the title, summary, body, and notes of 
> this
> entire blog post to be translated.
> Here are a few languages we would like help translating to: Spanish,
> French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic.
> Any other languages are welcome and appreciated :).
> Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Thank you in 
> advance
> for all your help and support.
> Best,


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