[Translators-l] Plural rule changes for many languages - MediaWiki migrates to CLDR 26

Niklas Laxström niklas.laxstrom at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 08:56:37 UTC 2014

2014-10-29 10:37 GMT+02:00 Philippe Verdy <verdy_p at wanadoo.fr>:
> Regarding Russian; what I see is that there's a separation of decimals which
> should be minor (like Uyghur or Asturian), but I don't understand why there
> was the need to swap the 2nd and 3rd form and why an automated bot could not
> perform this swap automatically in ressources, and could not be using the
> existing 3rd form (now 2nd) be used to create a new default value (to
> review) for the 4th form for numbers with decimals.

In case I was not clear, we ran a script to swap third and second form
for Russian and other languages which had the same change. Since
decimal numbers are rarely used in MediaWiki, we have left it up to
translators to add fourth form where they think it's necessary.

The way MediaWiki handles plurals with less than expected number of
forms given makes it unnecessary to append any default values - in
fact the system will complain about those and mark the messages as


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