[Translators-l] Request for small help in translation for Wikimania

Katie Chan ktc at ktchan.info
Thu Jan 16 12:34:44 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Wikimania CentralNoitces will be going up on all projects this coming 
Monday. There are two banners, one for Scholarships and one for Submissions.

The translation for the Scholarships are mostly okay. Since only the 
date changed, I've copied published translation from last year where 
Arabic numerals were used for date and changed and publish those. In 
terms of major languages, we could use help with quick proofreading of 
Spanish, Japanese & Russian. Any help with translation of any missing 
languages would be appericated.

The Submissions banner are the major issue, with only en, zh & nl 
currently good to go. I have copied de, es, fr, it, ja, pl, ru & sv as 
well from last year. However, since the month have also change in the 
message rather than just Arabic numerals, I would like proofreading 
before things are published to make sure I haven't made some idiotic 
mistake. Again, any help with translation of missing languages appericated.

While we're here, the Wikimania 2014 wikis have a number of pages that 
has been marked for translation. If anyone would like to help, that 
would be great!

Thanks everyone,


Katie Chan
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