[Translators-l] Ready for early translation: Tech News summary #8 (2014)

Guillaume Paumier gpaumier at wikimedia.org
Sat Feb 15 20:05:58 UTC 2014


On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 8:54 PM, Aya Mahfouz
<mahfouz.saif.elyazal at gmail.com> wrote:
>   Could you kindly check if the rtl languages are wrapped with the <rtl> tag
> or not? While proof-reading my translation, I've found that all the rtl
> languages are displayed from the left to the right rather than from the
> right to the left.

This is now fixed. It was due to an extraneous directionality tag
inserted at the creation of the page. All RTL languages should now
display correctly.

Thank you for reporting it.!

Guillaume Paumier

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